Hi, My name is Andy Smith and I’m a front-end developer.

I have worked with a range of clients including PepsiCo (Walkers Crisps, Quaker Oats), ICAA (International Council on Alcohol and Addictions), Nova International (Great Run Training), Exsus Travel, BQ Magazine, Smoothwall and Tyneside Cinema. You can view examples my work below.

I have a flexible approach to my work and keep myself up to date with all developments within the systems which I use and have an expansive knowledge of Umbraco CMS, Sitefinity CMS, WordPress, HTML5/HTML, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS and many others.

I am passionate about creating websites. I have always loved development and feel that I have a keen eye and am able to finish things to the high standards they deserve. I am confident that you will find it hard to find someone who enjoys developing as much as me.

My CV is available here. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything you wish to discuss.


Enthusiastic and pro-active Front-end Architect, I’ve been creating websites for almost 10 years now by discovering how people really interact with their computers.

With many years of experience I have grasped the understanding of how a business and a customer want their technology to perform and have created sites and systems that align with these requirements.

Whilst working in my current role I have had the opportunity to work with large organisations and have used this to my advantage to find out just what makes these companies tick.

Mission objective

Right now I am looking for a suitable position with a company where outstanding performance is recognised and where I can work on a variety of high profile projects and grow as a developer.

What i'm good at



Deadline led


Attention to detail


Tactful & articulate

Problem solving


Team player

Project management



Stockholm conference

In an exciting "first" for both organizations WOCAD and ICAA will deliver a Convention on Women in Addiction. Aimed at practitioners, policy-makers and hands-on researchers, the conference will be developed from the innovative and unique approaches developed by WOCAD and exemplified in such award-winning initiatives as BellaNet International and WOCAD’s contribution to European Action on Drugs which has been selected as one of the Top ten submissions in the EU for drug prevention.

Link: http://www.womeninaddiction.com/


ICAA (International Council on Alcohol and Addictions) is one of the oldest non-governmental organisations active in the field of dependencies.

The site was designed and developed to boost their presence on the web using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to produce an up to date look and feel and to gain a broader range of viewers across all devices.

Link: http://icaa.ch/



Based in Axminster, Heidi Rorstad clears, sifts, files and organises your everyday life to make it more organised.

Link: http://www.heidirorstad.co.uk/


Inspirational blog written by a cancer patient for others. Created using pastel colours for a relaxed experience.

Link: http://www.the-box-of-hope.co.uk/



My old protfolio site was a single page site created using Css3 and HTML5 to display information about my work projects and private projects. Along with my C.V.